Hi! I am thrilled you are here and want to know about me. I am an ardent mountains lover, hopelessly optimist,   mother of two adventurous kids and wife to an outdoorsy man. My story is an ordinary one, I grew up on a remote farm in India and traveled the world through the magazines, which used to take about a month to reach our little farm. Flipping those pages of beautiful photos and words, filled my heart with the desire to explore the world.

Flash forward many years… I moved to the USA, found my love who shares my enthusiasm for seeing the world and married him. Lots of photo on this website are examples of his love of nature and photography. Soon our daughter (hiker N) and son (hiker A) joined our team, and we have been traveling together since 2005.

We spent next five years exploring various national parks in the USA while waiting patiently for little ones to grow strong enough to walk ~15km a day with their backpacks.  The year 2011 ended the wait, and we ventured out of the home country. Together we have traveled 16 countries so far and explored some incredibly beautiful and demanding trails around the globe.


We are a regular family with an extraordinary love for outdoor adventures. I am a passionate advocate of outdoors and traveling with children. In our opinion, traveling is the best way to deepen our connection with our planet, its people and with ourselves.

My blog is foremost a place to share stories to inspire other families. It is an attempt to debunk the misconception that traveling and children are incompatible. Here you will find useful information to plan your adventure.

On an emotional note, this blog is to pay homage to our ancestors who ventured into unknown places and to satisfy the ancient impulse of travel writing (remember, cave drawings). All my travels are with my family and stories here are from my perspective, hence the name “a speck”.

This blog is my sincere endeavor to tickle my readers’ wanderlust and to motivate families to travel together.

come along and explore with me!

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