Calling all mountains lovers – test your peaks knowledge

Anatoli Boukreev climbed 10 of the 14 eight-thousander peaks without supplemental oxygen. He said,  “mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion… I go to them as humans go to worship. From their lofty summits I view my past, dream of the future and, with an unusual acuity, am allowed to experience the present moment… my vision cleared, my strength renewed. In the mountains I celebrate creation. On each journey I am reborn.” I could not express my reverence and love for the mountains better than him.

There is something unexplainable which pulls us towards high mountains. From the dawn of civilization, they have been a symbol of something far bigger than us – a higher place of awareness. Climbing the mountains is more than a metaphor, it is a journey of self-discovery.

The ancient dwellers used to call this mountain "Chaltén", which means “smoking mountain”, due the clouds that rest on its summit almost constantly.

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Mount Fitz Roy - 11,020 feet - Argentina - If it looks familiar, you are right - it is used as Patagonia company's logo, whose founder Yvon Chouinard loved Patagonia region and made an ascent to Mt Fitz Roy.

It was the playground of Sir Edmund Hillary and it's name translates to "cloud piercer".

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Mount Aoraki (Mt Cook) - 12,218 feet - New Zealand - It lost almost 130 feet to a landslide in 1991 and subsequent erosion.

It is has the highest fatality rate amongst the eight-thousanders, and pride itself being "the killer peak".

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K2 - 28,251 feet - Pakistan - 'K' stands for Karakorum. K2 was the 2nd peak listed, hence, 2 was included in its name.

It is third highest of the Seven Summits — the highest mountains on each of the seven continents

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Mount Denali - 20,310 feet - USA - Denali has the highest base-to-summit elevation of any mountain on Earth, rising 5,490 meters from its base.

It is the highest free standing mountain in the world.

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Mount Kilimanjaro - 19,341 feet - Tanzania - Six ecological systems are found on this mountain: cultivated land, rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and an arctic summit.

Until 1852, it was assumed to be the highest mountain in the world.

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Kangchenjunga - 28,169 ft - India Nepal Border - It is the third highest peak in the world.

An active volcano - don't think you need a hint for this one.

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Mount Fuji - 12,388 feet - Japan - This mount is three volcanoes placed on top of one another - Komitake, Kofuji and Fuji.

The iconic peak and perhaps most photographed peak in the world.

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Matterhorn - 14,692 feet - Switzerland - It's pyramid-shaped peak has four distinct sides that align with the cardinal directions: north, south, east and west.

It is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

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Mount Rainer - 14,411 feet - USA - It has world’s largest volcanic glacier cave network within its ice-filled craters, with nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) of passages.

One of the most beautiful peaks in the world.

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Ama Dablam - 22,349 feet - Nepal - This peak is beyond description and those who have seen it will agree with me.

How many of those majestic peaks were you able to name?

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